Semrush-How To Master Your SEO Competition to rank your Content #1

SEMrush- How To Master Your SEO Competition to rank your Content #1, the most famous and utilized SEO tools in the world active since 2008.

Among the most complete software online for competitor analysis, keyword analysis, backlink analysis, and everything that is needed to improve the positioning of a website campaign PPC is efficacious.

In this guide, we will guide you on How To Master Your SEO Competition with SEMrush, its works, and why it is advisable to use it, especially if the intention is to position websites on international markets. The guide also has a link to start using SEMrush for free.

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What is SEMrush?

SEMrush was born as software for the analysis of competitors. Today it is a real suite that allows you to manage SEO projects by leveraging numerous tools that simplify the work.

SEMrush’s numbers are astounding, which is why it is the most popular SEO tool in the world to date:

4 million users worldwide;
a database with over 17 billion keywords;
over 500 million domains were analyzed;
more than 140 countries supported it.

What’s in it for you?

Samrush Interface

SEMrush offers a wide range of tools designed to facilitate the work of SEO consultants. Below are the main functions:

Traffic analysis of any website, both nationally and internationally;
Competitor analysis;
Keywords research both on Google Italy and in other countries;
Backlinks profile analysis;
SEO audit;
Analysis of the paid traffic of any website, both in the search and display network;
Identification of market niches;
Traffic analysis over time thanks to the historical database.

Who can take advantage of it?

SEMrush is undoubtedly aimed at SEO Agencies, Web Agencies, and freelance SEO consultants, especially to carry out preliminary studies for the implementation of an SEO or PPC strategy.

It is also a very useful tool for carrying out market surveys. Thanks to its immense international database, small-medium, and large companies use it to identify market niches in different countries, find out how potential customers search for products and services, and thus optimize their online business.
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Now let’s analyze the main functions that SEMrush makes available to its customers.

Main features of SEMrush

Domain analysis

The Domain Analysis section allows you to have a complete overview of the domain of interest. It allows us to have a very precise estimate of:

  • Organic search traffic;
  • Paid search traffic;
  • Traffic from the display network;
  • Main organic competitors.
Semrush Search Results for SEO keyword

From the generic data it is possible to go into the details of the organic search and view, country by country:

  • Placements;
  • Position changes;
  • Competitor;
  • Pages;
  • Subdomains.
  • For example, from the image below you can see how the keyword is positioned on Google.

Semrush -Trends, Data Insights, and Impact

Semrush Trends, Data Insight, Impact

Back in 2007, SEMrush signed a partnership agreement with Majestic so that SEO consultants could, via API, intersect the data collected by the two tools. This is because the size of SEMrush’s backlink database has always been a weakness of this tool.

At the beginning of 2019, however, everything changes. The development team develops a new algorithm that greatly increases this database which in May 2019 is the most complete of all those the most popular SEO tools in the world.

To date, SEMrush is also an excellent tool for analyzing the backlink profile of a website. The section dedicated to this purpose has also been modified to offer a more complete and intuitive overview. For example, it is possible at a glance to identify:

Number of backlinks;
Number of linking domains;
Number of linking IP addresses;
Distribution of the types of backlinks;
Distribution of the attributes of the individual backlinks (follow, nofollow, etc. ..).

The section dedicated to the anchor text used by incoming links cannot be missing, to identify dangerous imbalances as indicated in our guide on how to do link building, as well as comparison tools with the main organic competitors.

Another very useful tool is undoubtedly that of indexed pages, which allows you to see, for each page, the number of outgoing links, the number of incoming links, and, for the latter, from how many different domains.

SEMrush was born as a tool to carry out competitor analyzes. Among all the tools it offers one that allows you to estimate with great precision the investments of a website in PPC campaigns on Google, that is, the sponsored links inserted through the Google Ads advertising platform.

Through this tool it is possible to estimate:

  • The placements;
  • Traffic derived from sponsored links;
  • Position changes in paid SERPs;
  • The investment that has been made;
  • The texts of the announcements;
  • The keywords covered by the investment;
  • Competitors with related common keywords and prices;
  • The landing pages.
Semrush Market Explorer

Virtually everything! And as always, country by country and in the desired time frame. But SEMrush is not limited to just the search network! In fact, it is also possible to obtain the investments made on the display network.

In addition to an overview that allows you to identify the gender, age, and interests of the target audience at a glance, the tool is able to recognize:


  • The list of publishers complete with the number of ads;
  • The list of categories of the best publishers;
  • The distribution of ads in the various countries of the world;
  • The types of ads used (HTML, images, text) and their distribution;
  • The devices used;
  • The landing pages.

Keywords analysis

Keywords research is one of the most delicate and decisive analyzes of any SEO or SEA strategy. To facilitate the consultants’ work, SEMrush provides a fabulous tool that allows first of all to have an overview of the keywords positioned, with related volumes, but also to discover new keywords.

The tool, renamed Keyword Magic Tool, allows you to discover keywords in two ways:

Analyzing the domain of interest;
By specifying a keyword to start from.
For example, in the image below, the tool has produced a list of over 20,000 keywords related to used books and for each one it reports:

  • Search volume;
  • Research trend;
  • Keyword difficulty;
  • CPC of paid SERPs,
  • Competition in paid SERPs;
  • The number of results in SERPs.

Moreover, it is possible to filter by phrase correspondence, generic and exact, very useful in case of preparation of a PPC campaign.

In addition to this very valid analysis tool, SEMrush provides another one capable of verifying the difficulty of positioning a list of keywords and analyzing the domains that have been used to calculate the degree of difficulty.

In short, even from the point of view of the analysis of keywords, SEMrush turns out to be a precise and complete software.

Other features

SEMrush’s features don’t end there. Over time, the tool has introduced numerous tools such as the one to automate the SEO audit of a website and the one for the gap analysis of keywords and backlinks.

Among the other most popular features there is undoubted topic research, which is a tool that, given a keyword or a domain, returns a list of related topics that can be developed. Very useful for the realization of an effective editorial plan.

Traffic analysis

With this tool it is possible to estimate the traffic of a website and a good part of the Google Analytics metrics, namely:

  • Number of visits;
  • Number of unique visitors;
  • The average number of pages visited on each visit;
  • Average time of a visit;
  • Bounce Rate;
  • Traffic sources;
  • Country by country traffic;
  • Pages with more traffic;
  • Geographical distribution.
Semrush for PPC Advertising

Furthermore, it is possible to compare the traffic with 3 competitors of your choice and proceed with the overlapping of the audience for:

  • Find out how much public is shared with competitors;
  • Estimate the target audience not yet reached;
  • Discover the correspondence of the public with that of a potential partner;
  • Compare audiences from various platforms and choose the best placements.

SEMrush pricing

As a market leader, SEMrush prices are significantly cheaper than tools like SEOZoom. SEMrush currently presents itself to the public with the following four subscription plans:

Pro: plan designed for freelancers or agencies interested only in analyzing traffic and competitors. It has limited functionality and tools but is sufficient to carry out a study of the SERPs. The cost is $ 99.95 per month;

Guru: an intermediate plan that allows you to access the historical database of the positioning of a given website as well as the ability to download PDF reports with the SEMrush logo and access the content marketing platform. The cost is practically double the previous plan and amounts to $ 191.62 per month;

Business: plan designed for the management of high-traffic projects. In addition to the tools already present in the Guru plan, by subscribing to the Business plan you can download PDF reports with your logo, integrate Google Data Studio and access the APIs to interconnect third-party software. The cost is $ 374.95 per month;

Enterprise: plan designed for enterprise agencies or software projects that need to make extensive use of APIs. There is no predefined cost but a quote must be requested.
With annual plans, you can achieve savings of around 15% on monthly subscription costs.

Final thoughts on SEMrush

SEMrush is undoubtedly the most comprehensive traffic and competitor analysis tool in the world. The continuous evolution and development of new market tools do nothing but confirm it as the undisputed leader on a world scale.

As already repeated several times in the reviews of other SEO tools, this too does not replace the experience of a trained SEO consultant. Therefore, if the intent is to obtain a concrete result for a business project started, it is always recommended to request SEO consultancy and rely on an agency with proven experience.

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