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How they came up with a business idea for business ideas

The world’s first AI-powered logo and website design and branding platform, Tailor Brands is an Israeli firm that helps thousands of consumers worldwide launch their businesses with simple branding and design tools.

The platform introduced automatic repair, which makes use of AI to help small businesses with anything from designing branded merchandise to establishing websites, registering domains, and making logos.

In reality, Yali, Tom, and Nadav were working to launch a restaurant and a real estate company, respectively.

But until we produced a logo, business cards, and other materials for our endeavours that made us appear expert, nobody took us seriously.

They then came to the conclusion that they required Tailor Brands in order to launch their enterprises properly, and this is how it all began.

Although the original goal of Tailor Brands was to use AI technology to automate the production of logos, they now realise that their purpose goes much beyond “simply” making brand design accessible.

Tailortrades.com has a comprehensive list of services they offer as well as a detailed explanation of each one.

If you have an idea for a new venture that you want to take from concept to completion faster than the next person, read on to learn more about how Tailor Brands can help you succeed.

What tailoring brands does?

Through the logo creator and design suite, website builder, LLC creation tool, and much more, Tailor makes it simple for anyone to start a business and present themselves professionally in just a few clicks.

They take a great pleasure in not just giving tools to ambitious business owners, but also walking them hand in hand through each step necessary to take their concept and launch it as a company within minutes.

These enable small businesses owners to effectively start and provide them with a growth strategy, from brand design to back office solutions.

Tailor Brands Logo Maker

Now you can create a distinctive logo quickly. With just a few clicks, the logo creator can design a unique logo for you using AI.Try it for free!

Examples of logos made with logo maker

logo maker
logo maker

Create a logo quickly that you’ll love.

A logo’s creation doesn’t have to be a difficult task. The logo maker from Tailor Brands can be useful here. You can quickly create a unique logo using our online logo maker for free.

Create a logo by following these 6 simple steps:

  1. Submit your company information:- Enter the name of your business and its industry, then briefly describe what it does.
  2. Select a logo style:-Choose the kind of logo that best represents your company; you can go with a wordmark (logotype), a monogram, or an icon.
  3. Choose the fonts of your choice:-To help our AI logo generator better understand the personality of your brand, select your preferred font types.
  4. Relax and wait:-The logo maker will get to work and produce a variety of original logos. It only takes a few seconds.
  5. Customize the look of your logo:-Choose your favourite logo, then alter it. The fonts, icons, and colours are all editable.
  6. Get your logo on the web:-Download your design in high resolution; PNG, SVG, and Vector EPS files for logos.

What makes the logo creator unique?


After creating a logo, you gain access to a complete design studio. Numerous logo resources are available here. It resembles having your very own design studio or in-house, qualified designer.

Many variations in design

You can choose from hundreds of various logos created by our online logo builder. All of the designs can be altered and customised to make them perfect for your brand.

High-resolution files for logos

Different file formats, including Vector EPS and SVG with a transparent backdrop, will be provided for your logo. You may use your logo everywhere using these files, including on your website, billboards, car signage, and more.

Formats for social media

For use on all the major social media platforms, you have 21 scaled variants of your logo. No need for resizing tools—just download and upload.

Branded resources

Tailor Brands provide a variety of branded assets together with your logo design (for free). To make your firm appear professional, you receive a brand book, branded letterheads, seasonal logos, business cards, and more.

Customer service

Kind and extremely educated customer service representatives are there to help you if you have any inquiries about your account or require technical support.

Additional tools for business

After creating a logo, you can use your Tailor Brands studio to build a stunning website, make digital business cards, print branded products, and even register an LLC.

The benefits of using Tailor Brands’ logo maker

Nothing makes them happier at Tailor Brands, than watching clients realise their vision for a logo. And in the previous five years, this drive has helped them establish Tailor Brands as the top automated tool for logo design for freelancers, individuals, and small business owners.

Tailor Brands

Create an online presence- Website Building

Tailor Brands- Website Building
Tailor Brands- Website Building

Create a great site by choosing from the DIY templates or by using automatic website builder.

  1. Domain- Using the ideal domain name for your company will make it simple for people to locate you online.
  2. Business E-Mail -A business email address powered by Google Cloud’s G Suite will immediately increase your reputation.
  3. LLC Formation-By responding to a few simple questions, you may quickly apply for an LLC and take advantage of all the benefits it offers.
  4. Digital Business Card-Promote your brand by placing your logo on branded goods and swag.

Still finding it difficult or lack of time to design your website by yourself, No problem.

You may have a professional website without getting a mortgage. Your website will be completely designed by the in-house professionals, allowing you to resume focusing on the projects you enjoy. Contact us right now to learn how we can assist.

Get a professional website in just three easy steps.

Now start Getting more people to visit your website

With the use of SEO (search engine optimization), you may influence Google to show the right users your website. To help you develop the ideal SEO plan for your company and achieve the outcomes you’re after, our in-house experts will work with you one-on-one.

1.SEO tactics for experts :- No matter if your website has recently been created or you are currently receiving consumers, our professionals will develop and implement a unique SEO plan that will help your company expand month over month.

2. A committed campaign manager:-Work together with your own personal SEO specialist who will create a strategy specifically for you based on your goals and serve as your point of contact for the duration of the campaign.

3. Affordable pricing and plans:- Because SEO can be very beneficial for expanding businesses of all sizes, we provide a variety of plans at various pricing points to enable you to create a plan that meets the unique requirements of your company.

Your business will be listed by the in-house experts on Google’s business profile page and other significant directories, placing it in front of new and relevant potential clients. Contact us right now to learn how we can assist.

1.Decisions supported by data- A well developed plan based on actual information obtained from examining thousands of Google sites, and implimenting only developed campaigns that will have an immediate effect on the rankings of your company.

2.Total citation review-They we’ll assess your whole online presence to ensure that your company is presented accurately across all relevant profiles, removing any errors that may be hurting your visibility.

3.Flexible pricing and plan options-Depending on the requirements of your company, their professionals provide a variety of solutions. They we’ll work together to develop a cost-effective strategy that grows your company while also fitting your budget.

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