Long Life Oils for the Car Engine
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A Good Choice of Long Life Oils for the Car Engine

When it comes to motor oils, there are many alternatives available on the market. Some manufacturers advance technologies to make them more durable and convenient for the engine. Some of the most popular are long life oils, but are these worth the investment comparing the cost and benefits for the car with regular oils?

Car oils are viscous liquids that must be added to the engine from time to time, to preserve it and protect it from the friction that occurs between moving parts. Thanks to lubricants, the life of the motor is prolonged and a better operation is produced.

In fact, denying oil to the engine, that is, applying amounts less than necessary or incorporating non-lubricating oil will end up affecting the operation of the car, which will lead to it breaking down consecutively.

When selecting a type of oil, you have to look for much more than a striking bottle. There are various aspects that must be analyzed to choose the correct lubricant, according to the needs of the car in relation to viscosity and fluidity.

Part of car maintenance is in regular oil change. In general, these lubricants lose their properties, so it is necessary to make an oil change before the car begins to fail.

Some call signs may show the driver that it is time to make a change. However, mechanics and connoisseurs recommend that you should not wait for the car to start failing, but do it regularly every certain mileage traveled.

According to estimates, the more kilometers traveled in the vehicle, the more work the engine oil will have to do. So little by little it is degrading, because part of its function, due to the additives it includes, is to keep the engine clean.

According to experts, oil change is not something to be taken lightly. As indicated, it is necessary to do it every 10,000 or 15,000 kilometers. Also, there are those who consider that the change should be every five thousand kilometers traveled or when a year passes.

Long Duration

Among all the options available in the market, there is always an alternative that is usually among the best 5w30 motor oils of 2020, as it is considered long-lasting and efficient for the performance of the car’s engine, with a high degree of viscosity.

The general maintenance of the car is something that worries drivers and they want to keep it up to date, so that it does not present failures that represent an additional and unbudgeted expense. So to make life easier, the manufacturers of 5w30 motor oils, among others, have developed alternatives that extend the life of the oil by greater mileage.

Also known as “long life” or “extended life”, these oils have been developed to last longer. According to the manufacturers, the person will be able to cover a greater mileage than with conventional oils, without having to make the change. According to the estimates, the useful life of the oil is believed to be doubled, allowing it to roll up to 30,000 kilometers.

For the year 2003, there were already some indications that the engine oil of the car should be changed every 30,000 kilometers, driven by the VAG group, which included this advance in their cars. But beyond being for the vehicle, maintenance between long periods was a benefit that provided the oil that lasted longer than the rest. By lasting longer, it means that it is of better quality, with a special process and treatment, so that its price is also higher.

Long Life Oils for the Car Engine
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Tips for Acquiring Long Life Oil

When it comes to analyzing and acquiring it, many people doubt its properties and wonder if they really extend for that mileage. The truth is that yes, long-lasting oils have properties that make them suitable for a longer mileage. However, it is not the same in relation to years of use. Although they are built to last two years, they still need to be changed annually.

This caveat indicates that it is not oil for everyone. For example, if the car’s journey is short and you don’t get to walk 15,000 kilometers a year, then conventional oil will suffice. In this case, acquiring long-lasting 5w30 motor oil would be a waste of money, because in any case, it is necessary to make the change the following year. The situation changes when it comes to people who make long journeys in their cars and exceed 10,000 kilometers a year.

Long lasting oil should also be chosen when there is a long life type maintenance offered by many car brands. For example, in the case of Volkswagen cars, it is recommended that the service interval between overhauls for gasoline engines be a maximum of two years or 30,000 kilometers and after 50,000 kilometers for four-cylinder TDIs. In this case, these are new engines, which have been developed with improvements and which, in combination with long-life oils, offer longer service intervals.

Therefore, before selecting a long-lasting oil, it is necessary to check whether the car manufacturer recommends it. Although it is inconceivable for many to change the oil every so often, if the manufacturer has indicated it, it is because the oil meets the requirements of materials and components designed to offer performance for that higher mileage.

Even long-life oils can be used in regular cars. However, when changing the engine oil of a car, it is necessary that the filter is also changed and if this has been designed for 15,000 kilometers and the oil for 30,000, it will be necessary to make the change every 15,000 kilometers. Therefore, if long-lasting oil will be used, it is recommended that the filter be replaced by one that also has this characteristic.

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