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How to Choose a Perfect GPS Watches for Running in the Mountains

GPS watches for running devices are becoming more advanced, but you have to keep in mind that they are intended to be used in different sports. Therefore, knowing what the priorities for a mountain rider is essential to get right with the purchase.

The world of sports equipment is advancing by leaps and bounds; every year comes news that seems to leave obsolete other technologies that seemed revolutionary just a short time ago. This in the technological world is even more exaggerated, with GPS watches or running being the only piece of material of this type that is usually of interest to mountain riders.

Today, GPS watches are divided into very different ranges and within the brands, there are different models that can make us lose a little when making a purchase that in any case will be the largest disbursement for a broker of Mountain.

GPS or Sports Watch?

If we consider that we are mountain runners and that the mountain is an environment in which not only the physical aspect should prevail, but also take into account security, the advice that is always given is that every mountain rider should count with a watch with GPS system.

This allows certain functions related to security that are never too much and can get us out of small problems that, if not solved quickly, can become major problems. So the advice is clear: always choose a watch with GPS.

Models, brands, functionalities ...

If we are not very clear about this technology, it is normal to feel overwhelmed at first by all the information that we are going to find, especially in mid-high-end devices, in which we can find hundreds of features that we will discover with over time.

And is that the latest models of the main sports houses have endless possibilities, so many that it is difficult for a rider to know how to use them all. And it is not necessary, as long as you know how to master those that a mountain rider is interested in.


First aspect in which we should stop when buying a GPS watches. Battery life is very important, especially if we are long distance runners. Most new models come with rechargeable batteries, such as mobile phones, but not all have the same capacity.

Keep in mind that the battery life may fluctuate depending on how often the device’s GPS signal is used. Usually it is used in periods of time ranging from one second to one minute. The more tuned we want the data to be collected, the more battery will consume the GPS, so if you are the one who prefers to have the most reliable data, you should be very aware of the capacity of the battery.


GPS watches usually have some memory, but it is true that due to its size and what the operating system occupies, there is not much room left to save information. In case you are going to use it in stages tests or on several consecutive days in which you do not have possibility to download the data, the storage capacity will be important for you. If you are going to download the data daily and then delete them, the importance of the memory will go to second term.

On the other side of the storage is when we use the GPS as a guide, that is, we have downloaded a route that we have not done and will be the one in charge of going telling you where to go. Its accuracy will depend on the waypoints you can store, and if you are going to use this functionality often, then yes you should look more at the storage capacity of your device.

GPS System

It is one of the most important aspects of GPS watch hardware. You have to look at the sensitivity of the device, its speed of connection, its ability to record routes in detail, its ability to function accurately in more or less extreme conditions . This is an aspect that you must take into account and make a difference much lower models of the high ranges.


A watch that is going to be used in nature must be a robust watch, whose finishes are of quality. The first thing is to look at the important part: the sphere, which must be totally watertight and with the ability to take blows with some assiduity. The straps, although they can be easily interchangeable, must also be of high quality and that they can be used for many hours without doing us harm.

The Display

What we all know as the screen. We must take into account what information we can give a real time GPS and what information will be accessible only once we return the data in the corresponding program. If you are one of those who want to know the distance, the accumulated difference, altitude, etc … in real time, look for a GPS that has that capacity, because not everyone has it.

The Software

Now we are not talking about the physical aspects of the watch, but the system that will allow us to use and study all the data collected. It is important that the company has a program in which you can “play” with all data, cross it, store it and even share it.

And the more advanced programs allow you to cross different data that can give you many clues as to how you are doing your preparation, rest periods or the actual efforts you have undergone, whether or not meeting the objectives of a workout.

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