Camping Inflatable Mattress
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Important Features of Camping Inflatable Mattress

We will try to clarify some concepts about the Camping inflatable mattress, the different types and recommended uses.

In addition we will solve those doubts that arise before purchasing one of these mattresses and we have not had one before.

What is an Inflatable Air Mattress?

Air mattresses, also called inflatable mattresses, inflatable mattresses or air beds are bags of elastic material prepared to keep air inside to allow a surface to rest on. Due to their buoyancy they are also used as toys for water. The air mattresses serve as both bed for the home or the camping and to spend some time in the pool or the sea.  The air bed uses one or more air chambers to provide support in place of springs or other material.

Once deflated can be rolled or folded for simple storage or transport, so they are the right choice to go camping or to use as a guest bed.

The quality and price range from cheap camping air mattresses to high-end luxury bed mattresses. Inflatable mattresses designed to be used in a bedroom usually have the same price as their variant of springs of the same characteristics.

Types of Air Mattresses

We can distinguish mainly between three types of inflatable sleeping mattresses: those of camping, temporary or guests and those of permanent use or bed of air. There are very specific models and others that are worth for these two functions, inflatable mattresses suitable for both camping and guests.

The so-called air beds are more elaborate air mattresses that are usually distinguished from conventional ones because they have one or two hoses depending on the air chambers they carry. These cameras are connected to electric inflators and each person can adjust the firmness on one side or the other.

There are also simple models of those used for guests that are raised on the floor to give a feeling more similar to traditional beds.

Manufacture and Materials of Air Mattresses

The construction of the air chamber varies from a simple polyethylene bag, multiple latex chambers or vinyl with cotton exterior. Mattresses may have a foam layer over the air chambers to increase cushioning, and may be protected by a cover. Some of these beds are called ‘soft-sided air beds’.

Adjustable Firm Air Mattress

There are also air mattresses with adjustable firmness. Some of these mattresses allow the independent adjustment of each side of the bed. There are different models, from basic to hybrids, which have different types of foam, pillow and digital pump with memory for adjustments of different pressures.

Of this type of inflatable mattress are also some of the mattresses sanitary or anti-decay. They are mattresses of adjustable firmness for medical use that have special mechanisms of control. Since the 90’s, self-adjustable air beds have been used that automatically change the pressure periodically, or inflate and deflate several air chambers alternately. The intention of these periodic changes is to reduce problems with decubitus ulcers. Although the effectiveness of this type of mattress is still investigated, nothing more effective has been found, except for the constant change in patient position.

Camping Air Mattresses

The camping air mattress is also available. Mattresses similar to inflatables for swimming pools or the sea were used. But the most practical are foam fillers, which in itself offer a bit of support or cushioning, but when opened the air valve allows the entrance of this so the mattress practically inflates alone. It is very useful for campers who carry their equipment since unlike normal inflatable mattresses they do not need a pump to be inflated.

Inflatable Mattresses Like Aquatic Toys

Also used the term air mattress to refer to certain inflatable toys for the pool or the beach. They usually have an air bag like pillow and several tubes with air along the mattress.  In addition there are forms of armchairs and even sofas, although in those cases already have little mattress. They are not practical as beds since the material with which it is made is not so resistant and the whole surface is plastic.

Security Advice

In the United States, the Consumer Product Safety Commission advises consumers not to let children sleep on inflatable mattresses.  This was motivated by reports of deaths, mostly children under eight months of age who were put to sleep on inflatable mattresses, or I was asphyxiated by falling asleep on my stomach or falling into the gaps between the mattress and the structure of the Bed, mattress and adjacent furniture or wall. Anyway the best suited for children or babies are mattresses made for that purpose.  

How to Inflate an Air Mattress

They can be inflated by blowing one of the valves it carries (close the others, it may sound like a joke but you see people leaving their lungs and not even notice after a while), with standing inflators that are sold in the same stores where We buy the mattress, or using electric pumps (a hair dryer can be used to get out of trouble). There are models that carry the pump included. There are also models that open the valve inflate by themselves to a certain pressure, although for a good firmness always touches inflate a little by any of the methods discussed above.

How to Deflate an Air Mattress

Removing the air from an inflatable mattress as much as possible is the best way to extend the life of the mattress and store it in such a way that it occupies the smallest possible space. Depending on the type of mattress and the brand there are several ways to get air out of our mattress:

  • In some beds, unscrew the cap and press a switch to release the air.
  • With the external pump.
  • For mattresses with built-in pump, unscrew the cap and activate the release switch.
  • If we want to accelerate the time of deflation, we can lie on the mattress or press with our hands.
  • Important to fold or roll it for storage. As long as it has less air and wrinkles less space will occupy and improves for the durability of the mattress.

How to Repair an Air Mattress

Finding a loss of air in our mattress can be frustrating, but it is easy to repair. We can buy repair kits in any store or online, in addition most manufacturers sell their own.  But when we buy a mattress of this type usually bring a small kit to be repaired. Steps to Repair an Air Mattress:

  1. Find the hole and deflate the mattress. It is usually easy to find an air leak in an inflatable mattress since we can hear the air coming out. If we find the approximate area but we do not find the hole, we can put some water in the area and we will see the bubbles that form the air when leaving.
  2. Thoroughly clean the area of the puncture and dry it.
  3. Cut a piece of the patch if it is very large, of a size sufficient to cover it.
  4. Add the glue to the patch and place it over the hole.
  5. Put some heavy object on the area of the patch (like a book) and let dry about eight hours.
  6. Re-inflate the mattress to check that it has been repaired correctly
Benefits of Air Mattress

Air mattresses can improve the quality of life and offer some relief to people suffering from back pain. They have the ability to adjust firmness to accommodate different body shapes and weight. As previously mentioned, they are also used to prevent the appearance of bedsores or ulcers in bedridden patients.

Where to Buy an Air Mattress?

Depending on the type of mattress we seek, we can go to specialized stores in beds, sports stores with sections of camping and beach or in we advise several different models for each type. Thus from the comfort of home you can purchase them directly without displacement and having already made us a selection of the cheapest air mattresses within each type.

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