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Best Trekking Backpacks I Comparison & Purchase Guide

When doing any hiking, camping or mountaineering activities and start an excursion, you will need to be equipped with the best trekking backpacks.

If you are thinking of buying a hiking or trekking backpack, you will have verified that the existing offer is very high. There are camping backpacks of different sizes and capacities, shapes, colors and different styles. What trekking backpack to buy?

To solve your doubts and help you choose that hiking backpack that best suits you. We have created this guide to the best trekking backpacks of 2020.

Tips for Buying Hiking Backpacks

As you have seen the offer in backpacks is very high trekking. But not all backpacks that are offered for hiking are equally valid. If you want to buy one of the best trekking backpacks and do not want to regret your purchase, see if you have the following qualities:

Type of activity: Many of the backpacks that you will find for sale are compatible with a multitude of sports, whether hiking, climbing, camping, hiking or skiing. But if you are looking for a backpack to carry out a single activity, check if you really qualify for it.

Size: When buying a trekking backpack it is important to look at your size. There are backpacks for girls who measure less than 170cms that include a more compact and functional design and may even contain extra accessories such as a belt, chest straps or shoulder pads. If you do not know what size to buy, we recommend you try your backpack.

Adjustable: In addition to checking what size you need. We recommend buying an adjustable hiking backpack. Only then will you ensure that the backpack will adapt to your body. And it will help you to equip it comfortably for a lot of weight that it loads.

Capacity: There are hiking backpacks of various capacities. It is from 20 liters to those with a capacity greater than 45 liters. Throughout our guide of the best trekking backpacks of 2020 we will tell you what backpack to buy according to your needs and the capacity of it.

Weight: When choosing the best trekking backpack it is very important to take into account the weight of the backpack. We refer to the weight of the backpack itself, that is, the empty backpack. In addition to this weight, you should also take into account what is the maximum weight supported by the backpack.

Manufacturing materials: If you are looking to buy a quality trekking backpack, we recommend opting for a nylon or polyamide backpack. The best trekking backpacks are those made of resistant and light materials.

If in addition to this type of materials your backpack has a waterproof case. You can use your backpack in places of high humidity, even in heavy rain, allowing you to protect your interior from the water.

Easy interior access:  Many of the backpacks that you will find in this guide include plenty of pockets. But we must not forget that it is very important to present an easy access to your interior. Remember that at the end where you are going to store the most important objects will be inside the backpack.

Outer pockets:  Most of the large hiking backpacks include numerous outside pockets. These pockets allow us to store and access our small or medium objects, more comfortably, without having to make a stop to open our backpack.

Belts and straps: It is increasingly common for hiking backpacks to have a system of extra straps and belts that allow you to adjust the backpack to your body. You can carry large weights without your back being damaged.

Camelback system: Although it is not an essential element, if you are thinking of making long routes, we recommend opting for a backpack that includes a camelback system that allows you to drink whenever you need it without making a stop.

Sleeping bag: If you need to carry a sleeping bag with you because you plan to make night stops along your excursion or route. We recommend you to buy a backpack for trekking. In which you can comfortably hold your sleeping bag and mat to avoid having to carry it in your hands.

Portapiolets: Depending on where you are going to go, you will need to use ice axes, crampons or hiking poles. Check if the chosen backpack includes a place to store these items.

Price: Of course, the price is also an element to take into account when buying backpacks and hiking bags. It is not necessary to buy the most expensive backpack. You must choose that backpack that best suits your needs depending on the use.

In our guide to the best trekking backpacks of 2020 we will show you which backpacks are the best value for money.

What Trekking Backpack Buy according to your Capacity

As we have indicated in the section of advice to take into account when buying backpacks for trekking. It is important to look at the storage capacity of the backpack.

When looking for a backpack of trekking you will find that there are backpacks of different capacities. So for example, we can find ourselves with:

  • Hiking backpacks up to 20 liters.
  • Trekking backpacks of 20 to 30 liters capacity.
  • Trekking backpacks from 30 to 45 liters.
  • Hiking backpacks of more than 45 liters of capacity.

Buy Hiking Backpacks of Less Than 20 Liters

Hiking backpacks with a capacity of less than 20 liters are ideal for short trips and carry only what is considered essential.

This type of backpacks with a capacity of less than 20 liters are ideal for carrying them as a complement to the main backpack or for short routes, walking, running or cycling.

Buy Backpacks of Trekking from 20 to 30 Liters

It is very likely that hiking backpacks of up to 20 liters will be small when you want to make a trip to a specific site. It is depends on several factors such as the place to visit or weather conditions.

In these cases you need to add more utensils to your backpack. It is best to go equipped with a backpack of greater size, but without exceeding, such as backpacks of 20 to 30 liters.

These hiking backpacks of 20 to 30 liters will allow you to take everything you need on excursions or outings of a single day.

Buy Hiking Backpacks from 30 to 45 Liters

Hiking backpacks of 30 to 45 liters capacity are ideal for practically any hiking route.

It is the ideal backpack with which to carry out routes in which to transport clothing and sports equipment, among other accessories.

Buy Backpacks of Trekking of More Than 45 Liters

Trekking backpacks of more than 45 liters capacity are those prepared to withstand large loads. And that have been designed for routes or excursions for long journey.

As you can see, these backpacks or hiking boots have greater robustness and have a large number of sections or pockets to store your utensils comfortably. Luckily, these types of trekking backpacks are getting lighter.

Another feature to highlight this type of backpacks with a capacity greater than 45 liters is that they usually have a built-in roll-up that increases the capacity of the backpack up to 10 liters more.

Types of Trekking Backpacks According to Structure

Previously, we presented the different types of hiking or trekking backpacks according to their capacity in liters. But we could make many other classifications to help you find the backpack of your dreams according to different criteria. We see it more practical to make a classification according to your type of capacity. You have seen previously, and according to its structure.

Considering the structure of the backpack, we find the following types:

  • Small backpacks or daypacks
  • Backpacks with internal frame
  • Backpacks of external frame

Buy Backpacks for Small Excursions

Also known as day backpacks, you are looking at this type of small capacity backpacks that offer us a good solution to carry our things when making routes of a few kilometers or less than a day.

These types of hiking backpacks stand out for not wearing any frame that gives rigidity. So they are characterized by being soft. They are very light backpacks, capable of supporting up to 7 or 8 kilograms of weight.

These types of small hiking backpacks or day backpacks are ideal for bike routes or small daily excursions, as mentioned above.

Buy Indoor Frame Hiking Backpacks

As its name indicates, the internal frame trekking backpacks include a plastic or aluminum frame to give rigidity to the backpack. These types of backpacks adjust perfectly to the contour of the back. It is allowing keeping the loads in the best position.

Another advantage of this type of internal frame hiking backpacks is that they allow directing the total weight of the backpack to the waist, avoiding muscle injuries.

The internal frame trekking backpacks are ideal for medium-length trips or to take with you in the practice of some sports such as climbing or skiing, offering freedom to move the arms.

Buy Outdoor Frame Trekking Backpacks

For those who need to transport heavier loads, it is best to use an external frame trekking backpack. These types of hiking backpacks are ideal to complete trips of several days or weeks.

The backpacks of external frame paths place the weight away from the back. Thanks to the fact that they include a higher center of gravity. It’s allowing the weight of the load to be transferred to the waist.

In addition to its comfortable structure that allows air flow between the user and the same backpack. These types of outdoor frame trekking backpacks have many exterior pockets. Where you can store any objects. For example, fixation for ice axes crampons or hiking poles.

Comparison of Best Trekking Backpacks

So far we have talked about what are the aspects in which you must set when buying a hiking or camping backpack. And what types of backpacks exist according to their capacity and structure. But this may not be enough to know what trekking backpack to buy.

If you still have doubts about which backpack to buy, we will show you a comparative table of hiking backpacks. Where we will only suggest those models, they are considered the best trekking backpacks of 2020.

# Trekking Backpack the North Face Terra 50

Positioning you in the first place among the best trekking backpacks of 2020. We find the North Face Terra 50 hiking backpack. This complete trekking backpack of the brand The North Face stands out for:

  • Made of nylon
  • Padded shoulder harness
  • Lumbar belt that distributes the load and corrects the position
  • Ventilation system
  • Available in various sizes for men and women
  • Elegant and anatomical design
  • Dimensions: 20 x 34.5 x 70cms

The North Face 50 trekking backpack is among the best valued by users looking for a hiking backpack. It has quick access to the compartment where you carry the sleeping bag, up to seven external pockets and is compatible with hydration systems.

At first sight, the North Face Terra backpack stands out for its padded harnesses and lumbar belt. It also has enough capacity to complete routes lasting several days. It can be completely adjusted to your body. Its total capacity is 30 liters.

# Osprey Talon 33 Trekking Backpack

For those looking for a hiking backpack with great value for money, the Osprey brand presents its range of Talon 33 hiking backpacks. This hiking backpack is characterized by:

  • Made of nylon
  • Padded shoulder harness
  • Lumbar belt that distributes the load and corrects the position
  • Airscape ventilation system
  • Available in several sizes
  • Elegant and anatomical design
  • Dimensions: 29 x 30 x 62cms

We are facing a multi-day backpack. With airspace backrest system that allows air circulation. Belt and compression straps are to adjust the trekking backpack to your body and straps to hold the mat and sleeping bag.

The Osprey Talon 33 Trekking backpack has a zipper closure in all its pockets allowing easier access to the contents of each one of them. One of the highlights of this hiking backpack is that it has a safety light holder and a total volume of 33 liters of capacity.

Another of the strengths of this practical hiking backpack of Osprey model Talon 33 is that, it is available in various colors. Which one does you like the most?

# Trekking Pack Highlander Outdoor Discovery

For those looking for the best high-capacity trekking backpack, nothing better than the Highlander Outdoor Discovery backpack. This great trekking backpack is made up of:

  • Made of polyester
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Lumbar belt
  • Airscape ventilation system
  • Available in several sizes
  • Elegant and anatomical design

The Highlander Outdoor Discovery trekking backpack is available in three different sizes: 45, 65 and 85 liters. Regardless of its capacity, the Highlander Discovery backpack is very light and versatile. Even the large capacity, there is ideal for hiking.

One of the main advantages of the Highlander Outdoor Discovery hiking bag is that it has a fully adjustable back and chest system. It’s a hydration pocket and a hoop to comfortably carry a hiking stick.

Other strength of the Highlander hiking backpack is that it includes a practical rain cover that comes fully integrated. This will prevent water from entering the inside of the backpack, even in heavy rain.

The Highlander Outdoor Discovery travel backpack is available in various colors and sizes.

# Lixada Trekking Backpack 50L

For those looking for a hiking backpack that stands out mainly for its excellent price. The Lixada 50L trekking backpack will be a good option to consider. This backpack or trekking bag stands out for:

  • Made of nylon
  • Padded suspenders
  • Comfortable lumbar belt
  • Lumbar ventilation
  • Available in several sizes
  • Ergonomic design
  • Dimensions: 29 x 30 x 62cms

The Lixada 50L hiking backpack stands out mainly for its storage capacity of up to 50 liters. It is made of nylon highly resistant to water and friction.

The main compartment enjoys great space and also has some additional pockets. Its adjustable belt and chest bands will allow you to transport your backpack more comfortably. It also has an ergonomic design with padded shoulder straps.

One of the strengths of this practical backpack is that it has a suspension system that will allow you to carry the load comfortably. The Lixada backpack has a very easy-to-fit rain protector. It is stored in a lower pocket.

The Lixada 50L trekking backpack is available in various sizes and colors.

Tips: How to adjust the Trekking Backpack

Now that you know what trekking backpack to buy, you will be wondering. What is the best way to adjust the backpack? Many believe that with regular straps is enough. But it is not entirely true.

If you are going to embark on a hiking route, an excursion or make a camping load loaded with weight. You should conveniently adjust your hiking backpack if you do not want to damage your back.

The following video shows how to adjust the trekking backpack. You just need to follow the following steps:

The Best Brands of Hiking Backpacks

The North Face, Osprey, Vaude, Salewa, Lowe Alpine, Berghaus, Black Diamond or Salomon, are some of the most recommended brands. All of those you are looking for the best brands in terms of hiking backpacks. Of all of them, we opted for:

  • The North Face
  • Osprey

# Buy the North Face Hiking Backpacks

The North Face brand of hiking products and products has been in our lives since 1966. For years this great brand has helped climbers reach their goals, despite being a brand of sports products that is born on the beach, in North Beach, San Francisco.

Two lovers of trekking decided to unite to give free rein to their passion, creating a small shop for mountaineering items, in general. Forty years later, The North Face is positioned as one of the best brands in terms of clothing, equipment and footwear for mountain sports.

Among its products stand backpacks or hiking backpacks offering a convenient transportation system to bring with you everything you need to complete routes, hard and intense though they may be.

These are some of the best The North Face backpacks of 2020:

# Buy Osprey Hiking Backpacks

Founded in California, in 1974, with the desire to manufacture and design innovative high-quality backpacks. Mike Pfotenhauer, founder of the brand, has managed to enter the world of the best brands of backpacks for trekking, hiking, and mountain are other activities, thus creating backpacks Osprey.

Osprey backpacks stand out for their great value for money, in addition to having everything you need for when you go out on the road or hiking. Today, the backpacks of this great brand, Osprey, continue to have their pioneering spirit that made them so popular in their day.

These are some of the best Osprey backpacks of 2020:

# Hiking Backpacks for Children

At some point in their lives, the youngest of the house will want to make an excursion or hiking route. And we are not only talking about excursions organized by the school, but also camping groups or extracurricular activities. For that reason, it is always good to have a hiking backpack for children.

If you are thinking of buying trekking or hiking backpacks for children, you should not lose sight of the following:

# Hiking Backpacks for Women

As we have indicated in our guide to the best hiking backpacks of 2020, before buying a backpack of this type we should look at the size. It is not the same a backpack for men, that for women or children.

The backpacks for travel, hiking, trekking or camping for women usually have a smaller weight than backpacks for men. In addition to being reinforced with straps that will allow you to carry weight comfortably and without loading your back.

These are some of the best women’s hiking backpacks of 2020:

# Buy Cheap Hiking Backpacks

Although most of the trekking backpacks or hiking mats that we have presented in our guide respond to a great value for money. You may be looking for a cheap hiking backpack to use occasionally.

If that’s what you’re looking for, here are some of the cheapest trekking backpacks you’ll find at Amazon, the largest Internet store.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a camping backpack or high quality trekking bag at a discounted price, we recommend you visit the Reconditioned Products section of Amazon.  You got your favorite product here.

# The Best Selling Hiking Backpacks of 2020

When buying a hiking backpack, in case of doubt, it is always good to consult a list of the most sold backpacks.

In addition to knowing at a glance, what are the best-selling hiking backpacks? You will also get information about which models are preferred by those users. Who are looking for the same product as you?

Finishing touch of our best hiking backpacks guide of 2020, we present the ranking of best-selling hiking backpacks of 2020, through below links:

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