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Best Sling Backpacks Review for Travel and Everyday Use

When it comes to comfort and versatility the best sling backpacks is an example of it. Many brands have been in charge of making every day trend to products that facilitate the routines of people with the aim of satisfying some need. In this case we talk about these bags with a triangular design and a band that helps to balance the weight between the neck, the shoulder and the back.

There is a diversity of models, sizes, prices and even materials. It’s made by rexine, fabric or leather. This usually comes to be used on one shoulder. which will make it easier for you to quickly get your things inside, especially by the number of compartments it has. Having your belongings sorted will be easy.

The 5 Best Sling Backpacks

Diversity of designs and models you’ll have plenty with this type of backpacks. There are for all tastes and different forms from folding, small or voluminous. Another highlight is that you can carry any type of equipment such as cameras or laptops.

In addition to the aforementioned, we take into account a variety of criteria or opinions of several people who have used this product, achieving a very interesting comparison. Where we list the five most requested backpacks in the market and those that are truly worth buying.

#1 Multipurpose Sling Backpack Mixi

The best for students

You will love it thanks to the great utility that you can give it. Its jovial design will take you to use it even for school. It has a special space where you can store an 8 ” table, as well as adjustable straps, an anti-theft pocket to store lenses, money, memories, phone or any small accessory you want to have on hand.

It goes without saying that they have plenty of pockets, some more hidden than others. It is made with durable and water resistant materials, for constant use, especially by SBS zippers, which you can open and close countless times. Its customizable strap also has a special pocket.

It does not have a low price in relation to other models, but its quality is easy to detect just by touching it. It is worth it.

#2 Tactical Shoulder Bag Multifunctional DCCN

The most versatile

Do not imagine the variety of uses that you can give this model of backpacks. It will serve you from a bottle holder (with an additional accessory) to go camping for its tactical type resistance, to do any kind of sport or for a particular trip. Especially for the amount of space that has to save anything you want to carry. In addition, it’s having a light weight.

You can get it in brown or black colors. It is very easy to adapt other implements to complement. It’s accessibility of use. Finally in comparison it is one of the most economical of the list. This makes it easily accessible to any pocket, especially for its unquestionable quality.

#3 EGOGO Crossbody Bag

The best to take to the gym

It is a useful bag especially to carry large amount of clothes, either for the gym or other activity. Despite being a thin backpack 47 cm high and 30 wide equally make it super comfortable and spacious. It does not have many pockets but if necessary to give the best use.

It’s perfect for both women and men. It was crafted with a careful finish that makes it more resistant. It comes in different colors such as lead gray, black, blue and green military style. The back of this backpack is made with a fresh fabric as it makes direct contact with the back. It has a relatively cheap price unlike the others.

#4 Unigear Sling Backpack

The classic design

This bag type bandit has several pockets on the inside. with these you can have organized your keys, pencils or cards. Thanks to its large enough you can use it to store anything you want. It comes in seven different colors, so adapting it to your own style will be very easy.

#5 LC Prime Shoulder Backpack

Economic but reliable

If you have a reduced budget, but you want to have a good sling backpack and enjoy all the advantages offered by the design, this is the best option.

The backpack despite looking small is spacious inside. It also has pockets inside and practical mini spaces in the band that will also serve you.

You will be surprised with the finish, the quality of its seams, the style and the color of the models. It is also a practical backpack for all use with resistant hooks, suspenders and all of excellent quality.

The textiles are waterproof and scratch resistant nylon. You can also wash it with a machine and the same will keep a good appearance.

Being one of the cheapest is the best-selling and best referenced. So it will surely give you a good experience when using it.

Characteristics of Sling Backpacks

In addition to being it’s very chic. They have gradually left behind the traditional backpacks of two handles that are placed on both shoulders. With seeing it or using it once you will realize the amount of benefits they bring.

Easy access: 
You will not have the worry that your things go to the bottom or are mixed with each other. Since only when you open the zipper you will see an easy direct access to your luggage. Especially for the amount of compartments that most of these bags have. The best of all the variety of avant-garde designs there is, one for each need.

At the moment of taking out any of the things you keep in your pockets, either your cell phone, camera or purse will be super-fast, plus everything is safe, without danger to losses.

It is one of the best features of this bag; it can at least bring two compartments to put objects. It can be any size, either large or small, making them stay there and without risk of falling.

It is very light, weighs only one pound. Because only has a strap to hold. You will feel more freedom in the arms and your back will not suffer.

They tend to be safer than traditional backpacks. It was determined because having a single handle is less likely to be taken away. You can also place it both in the front and back of your body. On the inside they have special materials, either padded or soft to protect against falling and hitting your objects.

Two types of sling backpacks you should know

Depending on the way they are worn. They can be hip style or backpack. They are also named as sling backpacks.

1. Hip Style
They are used to carry electronic devices such as a laptop, or a camera, because they are smaller it is not recommended to carry many things in it. It has a single band that hangs from the shoulder to the side of the hips.

2. Backpack tilted
In it you can carry the implements for sports activities or to the university. It is a little bigger than the previous one. But it is also very comfortable. Thanks to its shape it can be placed on the chest part to better visualize its interior or on the back.

Some details you should know about a best sling backpack

A large number of users through test opinions and offer several recommendations of certain characteristics that all these backpack must have, coinciding in:

Versatile design: 
The best thing is that it can be adapted to your personal style, which serves to cover several activities. You do, such as shopping, gym or university, without constantly changing from one bag to another.

Quality zippers: 
It is one of the first accessories. Most people usually throw away their backpacks when they are damaged. It is important that you notice the quality and firmness of the zipper. It is best to be robust especially if you think have expensive objects inside.

Mesh bag: 
Normally it is located on one side, with the purpose of placing either the water bottle or a thermos. Preventing it from getting wet what is inside, especially if it is an iPod or mobile phone.

Velcro strips: 
Its function is to adjust the length of the backpack from top to bottom. Some are only cross strips.  This will give greater resistance and shelter to objects. Especially if they are heavy, helping to make everything tight.

Some tips that will be useful to get the best

Most brands show on the label of their products both the size and the capacity. They have to support a certain weight. Make sure of this especially if you think about giving it a specific use.

Bands in the waist: 
It is about giving a better life to the bag. Some people who have it say that it is better to hold it at the waist. Since this way it will be less exposed to blows and the material tends less to suffer wear.

As we mentioned earlier, if you plan to bring delicate objects, whether electronic toys or tables, it is essential that you have a protector on the inside that ensures the transfer and welfare of things, reducing the shock in case of a fall.

Why choose a sling backpack

First, backpacks with a single crossed strap are a more updated style in the area of ​​bags to carry belongings, being affordable, and above all. They are offering stability, organization and a minimum weight. It’s giving you a lot of freedom of movement while you carry it with you.

The best models only have a weight of half a kilo, avoiding aches and pains in the back, neck and arms. In addition to the number of compartments, pockets and meshes to store everything you want.

Now, conventional bags are commonly made up of a strip for each shoulder, reducing the risk of injury. Since the weight is distributed between the two arms.

The best thing about this is that there is a special bag for every lifestyle. So with all this information you are ready to go running to find the one you like the most.

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