Best Joist Mounted Pull Up Bar
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The Best Joist Mounted Pull Up Bar - Reviews

#1 Ultimate Body Press Joist Mount Pull Up Bar


It’s a narrow grip, wide grip, handle that is inert and much more, all to be able to allow you to pull yourself up in as many other ways as you possibly can.

The foam handles are quite long-lasting, they allow you to grasp the bar easily, plus they help prevent callused and debilitating hands at the same time.

Also, this thing is constructed with toughness in your mind. It’s a rather high weight limitation so that you can enable so much as the heaviest of individuals to use it, which can be partly thanks to the high-grade metal construct of it. By bolting it plus, mounting it’s readily done. Simply be certain the joist you decide on is safe and powerful.

The vertical bars are long to be able to provide you with enough clearance space to keep you from jamming your face during your ceiling with each pulls up after attached to the joists.

Value for Money

This can be an affordable cost for an item that has multiple grip positions has this type of solid construct, a top weight limitation, and comfy foam also. Plus, whatever you’ll need for mounting and assembly comes contained.

Build Quality

The build quality of the pull-up bar is simply amazing. The metal layout ensures its longevity and makes sure that it could hold up you without question, the clasps keep your hands comfy, there’s more than enough clearance space, plus also, it lets you do a large number of exercises.


  • Multiple grip positions
  • Soft foam handles for relaxation and traction
  • 14-inch clearance on your head
  • Simple to mount – hardware contained
  • Long-lasting and sturdy


  • Pre-threaded are somewhat narrow
  • Vertical grips holes could be off center

#2 MS Sports Joist Mounted Pull Up Bar with Neutral Grip Handles


We enjoy the style of the kind of pull bar up, and it’s also thanks to the truth that mount and it is extremely simple to assemble. It merely includes a couple of different bits that should be put together; it comes with all hardware that is required and provided that there is a ceiling joist that is good it is possible to put it up almost everywhere with ease. Additionally, so long as there is a joist that is high you may also mount suspension straps or bands to diversify your routine a lot more.

The building of the bar can also be quite high. So is the pub provided that the rafters are powerful enough. That which we also like is the bar has a broad handle that is leaning a narrow handle, and also a neutral handle at the same time. This can be wonderful as it enables one to a whole selection of arm, back, core, and upper body strengthening exercises.

This pub also features knurled handles instead of rubber handles, something which helps you to offer you great nonslip handle while additionally not undermining the integrity of the bar. Also, we enjoy the truth that there isn’t any rest at the center of the bar, meaning it can be used by you for an ever broader assortment of exercises than in the past.

Value for Money

For under 40 dollars you actually can’t make a mistake with this particular sound piece of work out gear. It has a solid steel structure, well constructed, is exceptionally durable, and as long as your joists can hold your weight can the pub. While this is not the most complex model in the marketplace, it can undoubtedly get the job done, knurled handles, and comes with various hold standings.

Build Quality

It is often constructed with steel and so has quality in mind. Being simple to mount, having various handle places, and having nonslip handles all only increase the quality much more.

  • Non-slip knurled handles
  • Multiple spots that are grasping
  • Simply assemble and to mount – hardware contained
  • Can be utilized with suspension bands or rings
  • Permanent steel that is construct
  • Not much clearance space

#3 Ultimate Body Press Ergonomic Joist Mount Bar


Something that we enjoy concerning the look of the pull-up bar is that it’s exceptionally simple to mount. Whatever you require will be to make use of the hardware that comes contained, screw in 4 screws, and you happen to be able to begin doing pull ups.

The bar is formed to fit the hands.

Also, the vertical bars have become thick; also they are long enough to provide adequate head clearance to you also.

Value for Money

It’s the durability to withstand so much as the heaviest of workout routines, along with a simple to mount pub with numerous grip positions.

Build Quality

This can be a high-grade piece of gear using a steel that is great construct, and it is going to remain there for a long time after you have mounted it.

  • Permanent steel that is construct
  • Simple to mount space
  • Permanent steel handle places
  • Tons of clearance – hardware contained
  • Want a degree to set up it

#4 TDS Joist Mount Chin Up Bar


It is something that everybody can appreciate, quite a simple to mount pull up bar. Also, it has pretty long perpendicular mounting bars to give you the joist or the ceiling as well as more than enough clearance involving you.

The entire thing is created from solid tube steel which has a weight limitation that was rather high, more than enough to accommodate so much as the greatest of individuals.

This pulls-up bar lets there is a narrow or broad handle and is ideal for chin ups, pull ups, and much more. The pub itself also has a great feel what your location is intended to grasp it, thereby preventing you from slipping off at the center of your routine.

Value for Money

So there’s nothing to whine about when it comes to the purchase price the TDS Joist Mount Chin Up Bar doesn’t cost 30 dollars. It might not be elaborate, but it’s a lot more than powerful enough to let you do chin ups until your arms fall off, which for 30 dollars is more than we could ask for.

Build Quality

The build quality of the item is exceptional. The powerful tube steel can support several hundred pounds without difficulty, you are given more than enough clearance space by the vertical bars, and mounting it is done with ease, all quality aspects that people look for in a great pull up bar.
The build quality of the thing is superb.

  • Simple and fast mounting
  • Textured bar for handle
  • Adapts handle places that are several
  • Quite lasting build
  • Handle might cause blisters and is rough

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