Best Free Standing Pull Up Bar
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The Best Free Standing Pull Up Bar - Reviews

#1 Stamina X Fortress Power Tower


It includes a nifty rear pad to help you work your heart out at the same time.

You’ll have trouble finding a power tower that will deliver more bangs for the buck than this one in regards to versatility as well as an extensive array of exercises.

Everything on this thing is constructed with comfort in your mind, which will be why all holds are made from comfy foam that’s simple to hold onto, is not going to cause blisters, and won’t have you slipping all of the time off. What’s more, everything is constructed with heavy duty steel to be able to resist the most strict of workouts, plus contains an extremely broad foundation to be certain that it’s secure also. In general, this is one heck of a workout tool.

Value for Money

While the Stamina X Citadel Power Tower does cost which makes it rather a costly alternative, it will deliver a good deal of versatility and quality. We’d advise this version for the reason that it offers you more choices than almost any other free standing pulls up bar out there, for those who possess some extra cash lying around.

Build Quality

Build quality isn’t a problem with all the Stamina X Fortress Power Tower as the producer made sure this thing is strong, long-lasting, and secure. A broad foundation, a steel frame that is solid, comfy padding, protective rubber feet, and an insane level of work out pick make this power tower a quality find with no doubt.


  • Tremendous selection of exercises that are potential
  • Get the full body work out
  • Quite secure
  • Sturdy alloy framework
  • Scrape preventing feet
  • Comfortable non-slip grips


  • Large, heavy, high-priced
  • Quite and immobile

#2 XMark Fitness Power Tower with Pull-up Station XM-4432


The same as a few of another power towers on this particular list, the XMark has a lot of work out stations every day so that you will get a complete body workout. This matter includes adjustable foot pads for sit-ups; it’s a knee elevator/leg lift station, it’s a wide and narrow grip pull up a dip station also, push-up bars, and also the bar.

They help to stop calluses to keep you cozy while this power tower has great foam handles which help to stop slipping off, and they can be soft and fine also. Furthermore, the leg elevation station has a back pad to maintain your back comfortable as well as in appropriate form.

This matter has a high-grade steel construct that will resist up to 350 pounds of weight, it’s a powder coating finish to avoid scratching and rust, it features non-slip rubber feet to take care of your flooring, plus also it has, extremely long legs for extra stability.

Value for Money

This is a strong electricity tower with workout stations and numerous handle, it is comfy, secure, and very long-lasting also, all for one very good deal.

Build Quality

The solid steel construct coupled having a powder coating finish let it hold a good deal of weight up, the feet keep it from scraping the earth and moving around, as well as the broad base keeps it quite secure. Join each of these characteristics with all the multiple workout stations, and you’ve got one amazing piece of gear.

  • Multiple works out stations to get the full body workout
  • Constructed with quality stuff
  • Has a foundation that is secure
  • Nonslip rubber feet to take care of your flooring
  • Takes 2 to assemble
  • Quite heavy and big

#3 Body Champ Power Tower


It and it has a dip station to your triceps and chest and a knee elevator, respectively /leg lift station too.

Talking of solid, this matter is constructed with endurance and quality at heart. It’s a steel framework that will withstand the weight of almost anybody, plus therefore it will not tip over while in use, it’s long feet for stability. Furthermore, the Body Champ Power Tower even offers foam handles wherever they can fit, holds that are comfy to hold, are soft and fine, and help prevent blisters, as well as they prevent slipping also. On a side note, the knee elevation station even offers comfortable back padding so as to add much more relaxation and support than ever before.

What everyone will soon have the ability to value is this matter also includes protective rubber feet to stop it from going over the bottom, and the rubber feet Won’t scratch your flooring up, even should it move somewhat.

Value for Money

The Body Champ Power Tower prices when you consider just how much you really may do with it, around 150 dollars, which will be extremely affordable. You can’t say this thing will not have value when you do need to spend 200 dollars to receive a full body workout day after day.

Build Quality

The build quality of the free standing pull up work out and bar station mix is very great. It features a long-lasting steel frame having a powder coating finish; it’s a supporting back pillow, comfy grips, it’s secure thanks to its broad foundation. Also it lets you do more exercises than in the past. In regards to the power, tower quality isn’t an issue.

  • Get the full body work out
  • Nonslip holds that are comfy
  • Strong building
  • Secure foundation
  • Safe rubber feet that are
  • Doesn't need any mounting
  • Practically requires two people to gather
  • Consumes lots of space
  • Pretty hefty

#4 Stamina 1690 Power Tower


Among the things that individuals enjoy in regards to the look of the kind of power tower, otherwise referred to as a free standing pull station up is the fact that it’s multiple works out stations so you could take advantage of it. Also, it includes a dip station for dips it even offers a push-up station at the same time. It’s a superb pull-up bar that also joins many other exercise choices in one bundle that is quite versatile.

Despite the fact that it’s maneuverable and light, it does possess a solid frame made from high-grade steel. To put it simply, this thing isn’t likely to break or bend, and there’s nobody available who’s too hefty to work with this apparatus.

This power tower has a foundation that is secure, plus it even offers it to stop from scraping at your flooring. We additionally can’t forget to say that it even offers foam handles that are comfy to keep your hands from getting blisters and to help keep you.

Value for Money

While it might not be the most elaborate for that matter or the priciest, it still has enough bang because of its dollar to provide you with a body burning workout, and that’s thanks to the fact it’s multiple works out stations.

Build Quality

The build quality of the Stamina 1690 Power Tower is quite adequate, particularly if you think about it costs when compared to other power tower versions. The multiple works out stations, high-grade alloy frame, rubber feet, and comfortable foam handles also. Overall, this can be rather a high-quality thing, all to get a cost that is very affordable.

  • Rubber feet and mobile
  • Cheap
  • Broad base to guard your flooring
  • Multiple work build
  • Now for stability
  • Multiple works out stations that are slip grips
  • Takes some time to gather

#5 Dragon Door Bodyweight Master Free Standing Pull Up Bar


There isn’t any man hefty enough to break this matter, and that’s a thing that everybody can appreciate. On the same note, this pull pub station has a broad base with long legs, something which helps to keep it quite secure as you exhaust yourself up, plus it’s a powder coating finish to avoid rust and scratching from happening.

Another thing which makes this an excellent pick that is such is the fact that it comes using neutral hold, narrow grip, and an extensive grip also, so allowing to get a wide selection of workout options.

Value for Money

This thing does cost a significant 400 dollars, which might not look quite affordable, but considering the amazing build quality of it, you actually can’t whine about spending a couple of additional dollars. This is a solid 125-pound hunk of metal which is not likely to tip over or break as well as it allows to get a wide range of exercises.

Build Quality

It’s constructed with durability at heart; it could stand up to any weight, it certainly will undoubtedly not let you, and is secure. High-grade metal, a broad foundation, a powder coating finish, and multiple works out choices are things that produce this a quality find.

  • Seven adjustable height amounts
  • Multiple grip positions that are
  • Allows for many distinct upper body exercises
  • Quite secure
  • Constructed with solid stuff
  • Reasonably simple to gather
  • Takes a good quantity of space up
  • Hefty and immobile
  • Pretty pricey

What is the Best Pull Up Bar: Conclusion

Since there are a great number of kinds out there with various attributes the very best pull bar is a highly subjective term, and each one has specific advantages and drawbacks also. Simply continue in mind what your own needs weigh those demands contrary to the options that come with the particular and are pull bar up that you will be looking at and you also shouldn’t have any trouble finding one that works for you personally.

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