Best Doorway Pull Up Bar
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The Best Doorway Pull Up Bar - Reviews

#1 Shamrock Triple Pullup, Dip and Suspension Door Gym


Undoubtedly, the best part relating to this kind of pull up bar is the fact that it features many distinct handle options. This matter includes a classic pull up a dip station, bar, and suspension straps also.

Something else which makes this an ideal selection of pull bar for all up is that it just requires a door frame for mounting. Just put the Shamrock at the very best of your door frame, and without question, it’s going to remain in place using the unique counter weight bar.

What’s more, you don’t need mounts, screws, or any additional hardware, thereby saving your door frame from any damage that is unnecessary. You can also mount this thing in a variety of places of course also, for different exercises.

Also, we enjoy the fact the Shamrock is crafted from heavy duty steel that will withstand up to 300 pounds of weight, which makes it an incredibly powerful pull-up bar. Moreover, the grip stations all feature comfortable foam handles that help in keeping your hands feeling fantastic the entire time and provide for good traction.

Value for money

That is slightly higher priced than a few of another door frame pull up bars with this list its versatility and capability to allow you to perform an extremely big selection of exercises undoubtedly makes it worth the cost. We can’t forget the reality that this matter also includes suspension straps.

Build quality

We’ve got nothing to whine about in regards to the build quality of the pull bar up. This thing is easily mounted, and it’s very safe once it’s up. In addition to the long-lasting steel frame that could hold up to 300 pounds along with the foam handles, along with the skill to provide the full body work out to you just scream quality.


  • Suspensor, pull bar up, and dunk bar combo
  • Durable steel – 300-pound weight limitation
  • Comfy foam handles that are
  • Can be mounted in several locations
  • Won't damage your door frame


  • A doorway that is pretty narrow

#2 Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar


Among the things that individuals enjoy relating to this pull bar up is the fact that it’s three different grip positions, those being narrow, broad, and inert, thereby enabling one to do an assortment of chin ups or pull ups with a single bar. Moreover, the grips all feature comfortable foam padding to provide hold to you also to keep your fingers free as can be.

Another great part concerning the Iron Gym Complete Upper Body Workout Pub? Just put the pull-up bar on most notable of your door frame for fast use. What this means is you’ll be able to put up it or take down it in seconds there isn’t any injury to your doorway.

This matter is built to continue as well and very powerful. It’s made out of a durable steel structure that may withstand up to 300 pounds easily.

Value for money

For under 30 dollars you actually can’t make a mistake with this specific pull up bar. For any more worth you actually cannot ask for this kind of low cost.

  • High weight limitation – 300 pounds
  • Three grip locations that are different
  • Cozy padding on the handles
  • Won't cause damage to your doorway
  • Pretty hard door frame
  • Needs a reasonably narrow to gather

#3 Stamina Doorway Trainer Plus


Among the things, you will have the ability to understand relating to this section is to do a lot of exercises, the fact that it comes with five different hold locations. This matter lets you do pull ups, chin ups, and even more.

Another thing which makes this model a perfect selection is the fact that it comes with nonslip grips. The foam holds on all five hold postures have become hardy, they may be comfy and soft, plus they supply plenty of traction too. We also have to mention that this is a pretty long-lasting piece of gear.

Just one more thing that produces the Stamina Doorway Trainer And Also an excellent pull bar up is because it doesn’t demand any mounting hardware. Provided that you’ve got a door frame, you will end up in a position to mount this thing without the problem. You don’t want any screws, and you also don’t must drill holes in your wooden door frames that are lovely.

Value for money

The Stamina Trainer will set you back around 30 dollars, which just isn’t too expensive in any respect. While it isn’t the most elaborate pull-up bar out there, it’s durable enough to support substantial batch, it’s comfortable to make use of, and is readily mounted without hardware at the same time, all facets that are precious.

Build quality

The build quality of the kind of pull up bar is nothing. Having the ability to hold 250 pounds up is fairly remarkable considering that it doesn’t need any hardware to mount. The heavy duty steel frame, the multiple grip positions, nonslip grips, and ability to do various exercise make this no doubt is found by quality.

  • No hardware framework – 250-pound weight capacity
  • Comfortable nonnecessary for mounting
  • Five slip grips
  • Doesn't fit broad to assemble
  • Somewhat hard doorway with trim that is broad

#4 j/fit Doorway Pull-Up Bar with Comfort Grips


Among the things that individuals enjoy in regards to the style of the j/fit Pull Up Bar is the fact that it includes a telescoping pole. There isn’t any other hardware needed to get this done.

Once it’s extended out, it’s going to supply a secure nonslip fit it includes rubber stoppers for alloy doors that are slick. The telescoping feature also lets this thing to fit in wide and narrow doorways.

Also, in case you are focused on the bar, you always have the option to make use of the mounts which include it to be able to drill holes and securely attach the mounting brackets being used by it. This can guarantee that it never comes down. Even better is as you can fix this pull bar up to any height so that you can account for exercises that are different, thereby which makes it well suited for chin ups, triceps dips, pushups, pull ups, and much more.

You may also enjoy the truth that this matter is crafted from very long-lasting steel that’s undoubtedly not likely to bend or snap under your weight. Furthermore, the pub itself features comfortable hand grips that may be readily corrected in place with the Velcro system that is easy so as you can grasp the bar only just how you would like. Broad or narrow, it’s up for your requirements.

Value for money

For under 30 dollars you truly do get a great deal of value from your j/fit Pull Up bar. It’s a versatile pull-up bar that may remain undeniably in your doorway, and you’ll be able to fix it using mounting brackets or with the telescoping system. It’s fundamental and an easy pull bar up, yet it’s good enough to do added exercises along with some pull ups also.

Build quality

It’s an extremely long-lasting construct, it’s flexible handles that are comfy, and its particular exceptional build lets it fit into almost any doorway, and undoubtedly that the telescoping feature is pretty awesome also.

  • Great for many sizes grips for ultimate relaxation
  • Can be mounted using mounting mounts or the telescoping attribute
  • Brackets require drilling into the door frame
  • Must be careful when not using the brackets – may loosen over time

#5 Maximize Pull-up Bar


Among the things that produce this an ideal pull bar up is the fact that it features foam hand grips along nearly the entire period of the bar. Do the clasps make the Maximize comfy to take advantage of, but their broad nature also allows to get some hold places for distinct pull up associated exercises.

Moreover, this matter includes an easy task to mount door frame mounts that just screw to the framework to offer you a safe pull up a place.

Value for money

This kind of pull bar prices under 40 dollars, which isn’t too pricey for this type of fabulous piece of gear. The truth that it includes multiple mounting brackets for different locations undoubtedly adds some value to the combination, and undoubtedly it is long-lasting and an easy task to make use of too.

  • Easily mounted with the brackets
  • Comes with multiple mounting brackets
  • Heavy-duty chrome plated steel for a high weight capacity
  • Comfortable foam grips for multiple grip positions
  • Allows for a variety of exercises
  • Will may begin to split after lengthy use
  • Foam handles your door frame as a result of conditions that are mounting

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